Finance, ERP, CRM & Process Automation

We give you back time and improve profitability, safety and compliance!  Our partners Apache & HSO have been working in this area for many years .

CASE STUDY: North Queensland Cranes

  • Operations – increase your speed of doing business
  • Planning related requests & approvals, including monitoring and automating workflow
  • Investigations and committees – schedule and automate process and timelines
  • Field Service – from optimised scheduling to predictive maintenance, let your staff provide the care service that puts you ahead of service level expectations and agreements with council and residents
  • Project Service Automation – manage each step of your project-based operation to successfully manage council’s and residents’ expectations.
  • Risk Management – Identify and mitigate risks around projects and in the business.
  • Asset Management – Maintain visibility and control of assets, whilst ensuring their serviceability and monitoring their maintenance schedule… including:
    •    Buildings
    •    Pipes, Pumps, Power Lines, Generators, Substations, Docks and other equipment
    •    Vehicle Fleets, Cranes & Heavy Equipment
    •    Access Roads
    •    Surrounding Grounds, Parks & Facilities
    •    Other assets
  • Customer Service – Provide leading edge ability to communicate with customers, businesses, suppliers and internal people AND, most importantly, meet their needs
  • Waste & Recycling – Better manage services &/OR contractors to ensure services and reduce costs
  • Business & Economic Development – have a cutting edge advantage in attracting & supporting the right types of solutions to  best meet the needs of, and retaim, your customers and staff
  • The whole Microsoft platform is native (as opposed to integrated) Office, BI, ERP, CRM are all the ONE solution.

These systems also integrate well with  Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O

Delivery teams based in both Australia and New Zealand.

Collaboration Partners