We provide integrated tech for your business to expand profitably and sustainably.

The Solution Collaborative has invested in several well-established, market-leading specialist technology companies servicing specific industry sectors and, as such, is a non-trading entity

Why work with us?

Each partner of the co-operative is highly motivated to delight our customers, and provide answers that will positively impact your bottom line.

Our experience spans industries from health to heavy industry - and from retail to finance.

Our solutions range from the systems that enable you to monitor and manage your business, to rapid-build Minimum Viable Product concepts that allow you to evaluate and pursue new opportunities.

Rapid-build MVP Prototypes

Increasingly, the best way to test a new product idea is to build a Minimum Viable Product and get it in front of your customers.

Obviously, the faster you can do this, the better...

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Smart Supply Chain Management

Customer expectations are increasing even faster than the complexity of supply chains is growing.

Intelligent supply chain management is essential to stay competitive...

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Large-scale asset, process and environment management

Modern business operations touch so many areas - with each touchpoint being an opportunity or a risk.

The challenge is to keep on top of it all...

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"I love connecting the right, talented people needed to create solutions that make a real difference."

Jim Peters - Customer Delight